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20.04.2020: We will hold a test online lecture at Tuesday, 21.4.2020 at 14:00, so we can check whether the technical setup works. If you are not available, do not worry, no content will be discussed, but you have the chance to detect technical difficulties early on. More details will be provided via e-mail. To receive this email, register in the Waffel system.
20.03.2020:  Important:

EASY will be held as an online course if the Corona-virus situation does not allow face-to-face meetings. As this increases the organisational efforts and due to limited measurement hardware, the course is restricted to 10 participants. Please subscribe in the Waffel system for participation.

If EASY will be held as an online course you are required to attend video conferences and have the appropriate audio equipment available to participate in discussions during the course.

Organisational details will be provided in the first lecture. We will inform all registered participants about date and location for the first lecture.

20.03.2020: Initial version of the website is online.

Lecture Content

  • Introduction
    • Overview
    • Organisation
  • Fundamentals
    • Power, energy, and performance
      • causality (interdependencies, dimensions)
      • interrelationship of software activities and energy demand
    • Energy demand analysis
      • awareness of energy demand
      • physical (measuring power and energy) and logical (power and energy models)
    • Power and Energy Management
      • energy accounting
      • hardware power management
      • energy-aware operating-system architecture
  • Methods
    • Compiler optimisations and code transformations
    • Thermal management
    • Storage and file systems
    • Memory management
    • Network, wireless, and protocols
  • Systems
    • Embedded systems
    • Energy-aware server/cluster infrastructure
    • Display technologies
    • Electricity grid
  • Conclusion
    • Projects
    • Wrap-up

Exercise Content

Goal of the exercise is to deepen and complement the contents of the lecture. A more detailed description can be found at the exercises page, including the slides of the exercises and the assignments.

Lecturer and Tutors

Dr.-Ing. Timo Hönig Stefan Reif, M.Sc. Benedict Herzog, M.Sc.


Note: The schedule is not final yet.
Week Mo Tu We Th Fr
      Lecture 0  
      Lecture 01  

      Lecture 02  
      Exercise 01  
      Lecture 03  
      Comp. Ex.  
      Lecture 04  
      Deadline 01
      Lecture 05  
      Exercise 02  
      Lecture 06  
      Comp. Ex.  
      Lecture 07  
      Comp. Ex.  
      Deadline 02
      Lecture 08  
      Exercise 03  
      Lecture 09  
      Comp. Ex.  
      Lecture 10  
      Comp. Ex.  
      Lecture 11  
      Comp. Ex.  
      Lecture 12  
      Deadline 03  


The evaluation results will be published at the end of the semester.

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