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Erlangen Research Group on Analytical Modelling

The Analytical Modelling Group is part of the Dept. of Computer Science 4 (Distributed Systems and Operating Systems).


Group Leader:
Dr. Gunter Bolch

Researchers and PhD Students:
Dr.-Ing. Jörg Barner
Peter Bazan
Dr.-Ing. Franz X. Wurm
Lassaad Essafi

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Analytical Models

This research activity deals with performance evaluation and optimization of computer systems with the help of analytical models. Today, evaluation is an essential part of the planning, development, tuning and comparison of computer systems as well as production systems. Depending on the goal, the hardware structure, the system software or user programs are the central point. Careful modelling is therefore the prerequisite for dependable judgements. Queueing networks or stochastic Petri networks are often used in the modelling of hardware structures and operating system strategies. Precedent graph models are more suitable for modelling (parallel) user programs. The respective models are the basis for analytical investigations. Using these, performance values like response time, utilization, throughput rate or speed-up can be calculated.


Performance and Prediction System.
Contact: S. Kösters

Modeling Specification and Evaluation System
Contact: J. Barner,

Performance Modelling of Computer, Communication and Manufacturing Systems
Researcher exchange program with the university of Budapest, Hungary, the Lajos Kossuth university of Debrecen, Hungary, the university of Trier, Germany and the university of Hamburg, Germany.
Contact: G. Bolch

Differentiated Service Architectures in the Internet
Contact: G. Bolch L. Essafi

Former Members

Prof. Ian F. Akyildiz
Prof. Georg Fleischmann (now Trogemann)
Dipl.-Inf. Matthias Gente
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Hahn
Dr.-Ing. Werner Jarschel
Dr.-Ing. Hermann Jung
Dr.-Ing. Walter Krasser
Dipl.-Inf. Stefan List
Dr.-Ing. Hermann de Meer
Rainer Rimane
Dipl.-Inf. Matthias Roessler
Dr.-Ing. Armin Rueth
Dipl.-Inf. Martina-Maria Seidel


The project Picasso is a cooperation with DaimlerChrysler. Performance Modelling of Computer, Communication and Manufacturing Systems is funded by the BMBF.

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