Object-Orientation FAQ

1.14) What Is Specialization/Generalization/Overriding?

To create a subclass is specialization, to factor out common parts of
derived classes into a common base (or parent) is generalization [Booch 91,
p56].  Overriding is the term used in Smalltalk and C++ for redefining a
(virtual in Simula and C++) method in a derived class, thus providing
specialized behavior.  All routines in Smalltalk are overridable and non-
"frozen" features in Eiffel can be "redefined" in a derived class.  Whenever
a method is invoked on an object of the base class, the derived class method
is executed overriding the base class method, if any.  Overriding in Simula
is a combination of overloading and multiple-polymorphism because parameters do
not have to be declared.  Eiffel and BETA are examples of languages allowing
any member to be redefined and not just methods, as is typical.

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