Long time recordings to harddisk

Watch the thief!

This page is defunct, as it already fulfilled its purpose. ... or a primitive tool for grabbing frames periodically.
Fancy hardware provided by employer ...

This picture is constantly updated by the grabber software every few seconds. You access it as a jpeg file via NFS. But NFS caching algorithms do not expect a moving target. So, if you get a corrupt image, or no image at all, please try the reload button.
The images are periodically collected into AVI movies. The most recent movie and one, two, three, four, five previous movies are kept in the filesystem. Older data is erased, because disk space is a finite resource.
NFS is not the perfect transport medium for a live video stream, but if you like it, use this command to poll the image:
/local/X11R5/bin/xv -poll /proj/i4ray/fridged/movie/f.jpg -drift -3 -23
The name f.jpg is a symbolic link to the latest jpeg file. The link to the new file is moved over the current link just after the new image is completely written. Thus the link is always present and always points to a valid jpeg image. (At least if watched from faui40. NFS may get confused by this strategy).