Dr.-Ing. Frank Kardel


I am a former member of Research Staff at the Department of Computer Science IV of the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany and was doing research on the MEMSY project. and on the BackStage project.


Research Interests

I am interested in System Administration, Distributed Systems, Operation System design and porting issues, Time Synchronization and Long Term Storage Technology.

I finished writing my PhD thesis focusing on on a concept for improving long term storage technology by preserving valuable additional information that allows the interpretation of the stored data.


From 1994 to 1996 I worked at the consulting company BankBetriebsWirtschaft in Wiesbaden Germany. Major topic where production environments for Unix applications. Software engineering and architectural issues in networked environments.

Since 1997 I head the department of Middle-ware at Dresdner Bank in the IT department for Investment banking.

Other Interests

In my sparse time, I am following more practical paths:
System Administration of heterogeneous Unix networks
Network Time Protocol
Together with my colleague Rainer Pruy I am running the Erlangen NTP primary server. We contributed a configurable reference clock support (supporting several DCF77 receivers and a GPS receiver)(Ok that really was my part) and some statistics and analysis tools (that's actually Rainer's part) to the Xntp3 distribution.

The current version used for the primary servers in Erlangen is xntp3 version 3.4x.

... it has probably been upgraded by Admins that took care of NTP after me.

More information about NTP can be found in the NTP home page.

For having fun in every (work) days life I was ...
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Address Information

Work Address - we do IT and Business consulting for Financial Institutions

Dr.-Ing. Frank Kardel
Acrys Consult GmbH
Untermainkai 29-30
60239 Frankfurt/Main
Tel: +49.69.2445060
FAX: +49.69.24450650

Private Address

Frank Kardel
Eschenweg 19
63150 Heusenstamm

Phone and FAX

Work/Home phone:
+49 +6104 92 46 05 
Home FAX:
+49 +6104 92 46 03



Dr.-Ing. Frank Kardel