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Markus Rex

I was working in our Multimedia department and, besides other tasks, keep a zoo of specialized multimedia equipment running. We are responsible for events that involve multimedia and organize regular events like remote lectures. Some tidbits of our events are being kept for future generations.
We have a small collection of funny things (complete library of FAU Media).

As member of FAU Media I'm involved in video conferencing and the technical aspects of making movies, such as carrying around big and very heavy lead batteries!!!

I'm a member of the IKON project (Informatik Kolloquium ONline). We are showing lectures, held either in Erlangen or at the TU Munich, simultaneously here in the Multimedia Lab or in the Hörsaal H4 and in the Hörsaal S 1128 in Munich.

With Ulrich Gall and Matthias Hopf I was working on the Promondia project, a groupware environment.

After I left the university I started working at SuSE in the development department.

Manuals that might be useful.

Besides work, I'm interested in

How to contact me:

Phone: +49 9131 85 28027
FAX: +49 9131 85 28732
Mail: Markus Rex
 Lehrstuhl für Informatik IV
 Martensstraße 1
 D-91058 Erlangen
 Room 0.033

Markus Rex

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