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Ulrich Becker
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Ulrich Becker
Former member of research staff at the Department of Computer Sciences 4 (Distributed Systems and Operating Systems Group) of the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Research Interests

I'm generally interested in object-oriented systems, especially in distributed object-oriented systems. I'm a member of the ergoo-Group at our department, which focuses on distributed object-oriented systems and operating systems. More specific research interests include:

Distribution configuration
I specialize in the area of distribution-configuration, that is to configure on which node the individual objects of an application should reside. I developed an aspect language called D2AL that enables the programmer to specify the desired distribution based on the UML-model of the application. This way, the programmer can take advantage of abstract information that is only contained in the design, such as relations between objects or abstract states. I'm currently implementing a weaver for D2AL. The weaver uses Java as component language and as output language. Related research-interests include aspect-oriented programming and object-oriented analysis and design.

I'm a member of the AspectIX-Team. AspectIX is a middleware that is well suited for many different application areas, and that provides a generic configuration interface for non-functional aspects. See our AspectIX-Pages for details.


D2AL - A design-based language for distribution control; Workshop on Aspect- Oriented Programming (ECOOP'98), Brussels, Beligum, July 21, 1998 (Position Paper, Slides)


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