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MetaJava - Publications and Technical Reports

Michael Golm, Jürgen Kleinöder. Jumping to the Meta Level: Behavioural Reflection can be fast and flexible, Proceedings of Second International Conference, Reflection '99, Saint-Malo, France,
Published in Meta-Level Architectures and Reflection Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1616, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, Tokyo 1999, pp. 22-39

Michael Golm metaXa and the Future of Reflection, Presented at the OOPSLA Workshop on Reflective Programming in C++ and Java, October 18, 1998, Vancouver, British Columbia; english, 5 pages [Abstract] [Full Paper (ps) , 189 kB] [Full Paper (pdf) , 25 kB]

Michael Golm, Jürgen Kleinöder. MetaJava, Presented at STJA '97, September 10, 1997, Erfurt, Germany; german [Full Paper - Postscript] [Full Paper - PDF]

Michael Golm, Jürgen Kleinöder. MetaJava-A Platform for Adaptable Operating-System Mechanisms, Presented at the ECOOP 97 Workshop on Object-Orientation and Operating Systems, June 10, 1997, Jyväskylä, Finland, LNCS 1357; engl. [Abstract] [PS] [PDF]

Michael Golm, Jürgen Kleinöder. Implementing Real-Time Actors with MetaJava, Presented at the ECOOP 97 Workshop on Reflective Real-time Object-Oriented Programming and Systems, June 10, 1997, Jyväskylä, Finland, LNCS 1357; engl. [Abstract] [PS] [PDF]

Michael Golm. Design and Implementation of a Meta Architecture for Java. Diplomarbeit (Master's Thesis), University of Erlangen, Jan. 1997. (revised version) engl. [Abstract] [Full Thesis, 120 kB]

Jürgen Kleinöder, Michael Golm. Transparent and Adaptable Object Replication Using a Reflective Java, Tech. Report TR-I4-96-07, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: IMMD IV, Sept. 1996; engl. [Abstract] [PS] [PDF]

Jürgen Kleinöder, Michael Golm. MetaJava: An Efficient Run-Time Meta Architecture for Java. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Object Orientation in Operating Systems - IWOOOS '96, October 27-18, 1996, Seattle, Washington, IEEE, 1996. engl.: [Abstract] [PS] [PDF]