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Methods and tools for the construction of highly configurable database families for embedded systems

The FAME-DBMS project moved to TU Dortmund. Visit the new project homepage at This page is no longer maintained.


Embedded computer systems often need infrastructure software for the management of data that often has a lot in common with traditional database management systems (DBMS). However, the hardware heterogeneity, the sometimes extreme resource constraints, and the different requirements of the often very special applications inhibit the use of standard software solutions. In this situation programmers frequently react by developing their own solutions, which leads to a "reinvention of the wheel".

Major Goals

The goal of this project is to evaluate and improve methods and tools for the construction of highly customizable DBMS. These techniques could reduce the developments by supporting reuse without increased hardware costs. Besides the construction of DBMS families a further goal is to analyse application code in order to automate and thus simplify the configuration process.


Databases; Product Lines; Embedded Systems; AspectC++; FeatureC++

Partner Institutions

Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Arbeitsgruppe Datenbanken


FAME-DBMS is partly supported by the DFG (German Research Council) under grant no. SP 968/2-1.
Funding period: 1.4.2006 - 1.4.2008