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FOREVER - Fault/intrusiOn REmoVal through Evolution & Recovery

Project participants:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rüdiger Kapitza, Hans P. Reiser, Paulo Sousa, Alysson Bessani, Ilir Gashi, Vladimir Stankovic , Dr.-Ing. Tobias Distler
Sponsored by:
European Network of Excellence ReSIST
Keywords:intrusion tolerant systems; replication; virtual machine; hypervisor
Duration:1.1.2008 - 4.4.2009
Topics and Goals:FOREVER is a one-year research project funded by the European Union through the ReSIST Network of Excellence. The goal of the project is to develop a Fault/intrusiOn REmoVal through Evolution & Recovery (FOREVER) service. This service can be used to enhance the resilience of replicated systems, namely those that can be affected by malicious attacks.

FOREVER addresses three of the research gaps identified in ReSIST D13 deliverable, namely: GE1 – Evolution of Threats, GA3 – Dependability Cases, and GD1 – Diversity for Security. In order to achieve the project goal, the work is divided into three main tasks:

-definition of the FOREVER service architecture
-analysis of how diversity can be managed
-evaluation of the FOREVER service and development of a dependability case

Contact:Kapitza, Rüdiger
  1. Bessani, Alysson ; Reiser, Hans P. ; Sousa , Paulo ; Gashi , Ilir ; Stankovic , Vladimir ; Distler, Tobias ; Kapitza, Rüdiger ; Daidone , Alessandro ; Obelheiro , Rafael:
    FOREVER: Fault/intrusiOn REmoVal through Evolution & Recovery.
    In: ACM New York, NY, USA (Ed.) : Companion '08: Proceedings of the ACM/IFIP/USENIX Middleware '08 Conference Companion
    (ACM/IFIP/USENIX Middleware '08, Leuven, Belgium, 2-4 December).
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