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Jörg Barner
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As a member of the analytical models and process automation research group in our department, my Ph.D. reasarch focussed on practical methods for stochastic modeling of computer and communication systems and their analysis for non-functional properties such as performance, reliability or dependability. During the work on my thesis entitled
" A Lightweight Formal Method for the Prediction of Non-Functional System Properties", I developed a new version of the modelling language MOSEL. It combines the advantages of the pragmatic network-oriented modelling paradigm with the succinctness of a pure textual notation.


The list of my publications below was automatically extracted from the UnivIS publication database:

Barner, Jörg: A Lightweight Formal Method for the Prediction of Non-Functional System Properties. Erlangen, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Diss., 2005 (Arbeitsberichte des Instituts für Informatik Bd. 38, Nr. 4) . - 177 Seiten. ISSN 1611-4205

Wüchner, Patrick ; Al-Begain, Khalid ; Barner, Jörg ; Bolch, Gunter: Modelling A Single Gsm/Gprs Cell With Delay Tolerant Voice Calls Using Mosel-2. In: United Kingdom Simulation Society (Veranst.) : Proc. UKSIM 2004 (United Kingdom Simulation Society Conference 2004 St Catherine's College, Oxford, England 29.-31.03 2004). 2004, S. 4-18.

Barner, Jörg ; Begain, Khalid ; Bolch, Gunter ; Herold, Helmut: MOSEL - Modeling, Specification and Evaluation Language. In: Kemper, Peter (Hrsg.) : Joint Tool Session of PNPM, MMB and PAPM/ProbMiv in Aachen, September 2001. Dortmund : LS Informatik IV, 2001, (Technical report of the CS department of the University of Dortmund Bd. 2001), S. 12-18.

Barner, Jörg ; Bolch, Gunter: MOSEL- MOdelling, Specification and Evaluation Language.Vortrag: Universität Debrecen/Ungarn, Institut für Informatik, 7.11.2003

Barner, Jörg ; Bolch, Gunter: MOSEL-2: Modeling, Specification and Evaluation Language, Revision 2. In: Sanders, William (Hrsg.) : Proceedngs of the 13th International Conference on Modeling Techniques and Tools for Computer Performance Evaluation (Performance TOOLS 2003 Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, 2 - 5.9 2003). 2003, S. 222-230.

Barner, Jörg: Performance and reliability modelling with MOSEL-2.Vortrag: Tutorial Session, ASMTA-Track of the 17th European Simulation Multiconference: Foundations for Successful Modelling & Simulation (ESM'03)., Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, England, 9.6.2003

Barner, Jörg ; Bolch, Gunter: Performance Modeling of Retrial Systems using the MOSEL Language. In: SCS Europe (Veranst.) : Proceedings of the European Simulation Multiconference (ESM '2002 Darmstadt 3.-5. Juni). 2002, S. 6.

Al-Begain, Khalid ; Barner, Jörg ; Bolch, Gunter ; Zreikat, Aymen: The Performance and Reliability Modelling Language MOSEL and its Applications. In: International on Simulation: Systems, Science, and Technology 3 (2002), Nr. 3-4, S. 69-79

Moreover, I contributed to the second edition of the monograph "Queueing Networks and Markov Chains" for which I wrote the section about the methodological background of stochastic modelling and analysis with Markov Chains, Petri Nets and Queueing Networks. The first edition of this textbook, authored by former and current members of our research group and Prof. Kishor Trivedi (Duke Univ.), has sold more than 2200 copies so far.

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