Toerless Eckert

Hippo torture club

Former member of the Staff of the Computing Center (RRZE) and the IMMD-IV.

Sorry, no time to comprehensively update this page. Just random bits of mostly obsolete information here.

General disclaimer

This homepage has not been updated now for about a decade except for contact information. One of these days i will get around to it (04/2008). Still not updated (01/2014). This homepage contains pointers to a few of those of my ressources and projects that i have most often been bugged about ( ...where can i find... ) and information on how to contact me. Information on what i did can be found on my CV pages.


Disclaimer: The ressources described below were once programmed and maintained by me. Don't blame me, if they don't work any longer, i don't know who maintains them now, and experience shows that complex installations deteriorate quickly if not fed with proper maintenance (mostly because their environment changes).


Projects and Tools

The following chapter lists some software projects of my students and me.

More recent work

The software to some other projects is also on my ftp-homepage, but it's totally undocumented. Feel free to browse.

Old stuff


Home @ USA
Toerless Eckert
Village Lake Apartments
777 W. Middlefield Road, Apt.#79
Mountain View, CA. 94043
Phone: +1 650 567 9767
Phone: +1 650 576 5619 (cell)
Electronic Mail
Email: (private) (private - shorter alias)
TTE on channel #erlangen on efnet