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Programmers Guide

Up to now there are only a number of manual pages available. Some system calls inthe libraries memsos and fau are still not documented. This will change sometime.

To view all other (standard) System V manual pages use the Manual Viewer. This script is a modified version of the man2html package written by Earl Hood. It is now able to handle catman directories and uses a windex/whatis style database too.

applstart(1)	application starter interface

mnode2coor(2) translate node id to coordinates mcoor2node(2) translate coordinates to node id mapplid(2) get application identification mnodeid(2) get node id mjobid(2) get job/task id mgetids(2) get pid, application id and task id mfork(2) MEMSOS fork(2) msend(2) send message mrecv(2) receive message mrecv_tag(2) receive tag message msemcrea(2) create semaphore msemdest(2) destroy semaphore msemp(2) p operation (get semaphore) msemv(2) v operation (free semaphore) mshmcrea(2) create shared memory segment mshmatt(2) attach shared memory segment mshmdet(2) detach shared memory segment mshmdest(2) destroy shared memory segment mshmcache(2) enable local caching of shared memory segment mshmflush(2) disable local caching of shared memory segment mshminfo(2) get information about shared memory segment mnotify(2) notify other task via signal msignal(2) register signal (SYS V) mbsdsignal(2) register signal (POSIX) msigblock(2) set signals to block msigsetmask(2) set signal mask

mintro(3) small introduction mspinlockini(3) spinlock initialization mspinlock(3) spinlock lock mspinunlock(3) spinlock free

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