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Contributors and Contact
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Contributors and Contact


    You can contact the MOSEL team by sending E-mail to Jörg Barner.

Contributors to MOSEL

    Jörg Barner Project coordinator of the revised MOSEL version 2, added an updated MOSEL to SPNP translation component to the modeling environment.
    Khalid Al-Begain Applied MOSEL to various complex problems from the telecommunications area.
    Co-author of the book Practical Performance Modeling
    Björn Beutel Author of MOSEL2, a revised and enhanced version of the modeling language.
    Integrated the Petri Net based tool TimeNET into the MOSEL-environment.
    Gunter Bolch Project supervisor and co-author of the book Practical Performance Modeling
    Helmut Herold Project initiator and co-author of the book Practical Performance Modeling.
    Helmut is responsible for the first version of the modeling language and for the basic tool architecture.
    Stefan Greiner Used MOSEL for Performance Modeling and Evaluation of Operating Systems and in other application areas.
    Aymen Zreikat Uses MOSEL for Performance Evaluation of 3G Wireless Mobile Networks

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