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SPiCboard library (libspicboard, revision 12428) API documentation

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SPiCboard library API documentation


This is the API documentation for the SPiCboard library. The library offers the following modules to access the different hardware parts on the board:

  • 7SEG (Seven Segment Display) : functions to control the two 7-segment displays
  • ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) : functions to query the state of the potentiometer and the photosensor (connected to A/D converters internally)
  • Button : functions to access the two buttons (both event-driven and polling-based)
  • LED access : functions to control the state of the eight LEDs
  • Timer module : functions to register alarm events with the hardware timers

Additional documentation

Some additional information for SPiC

Some additional information about the ATmega32

The following links offer additional documentation for the hardware and software environment in use:

Checkout the SPiC-Simulator:

  • SPiC-Simulator (6MB)
  • run with: java -jar SPiCsim.jar (and load the executable)
  • run exutable directly with: java -jar SPiCsim.jar boardtest.elf
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