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This archive contains the latest version of MOSEL, called MOSEL-2 developed by Björn Beutel. Its predecessor, MOSEL, has been developed by Helmut Herold as part of his doctoral thesis. Moreover, the present version contains the enhanced MOSEL to CSPL translator written by Patrick Wüchner. The distribution contains the MOSEL source code (written in C) as well as a collection of examples and installation instructions. Moreover, Björn's diploma-thesis is included in PDF-format. Chapter 4 of his thesis contains an easy-to-read introduction to modeling and performance evaluation with MOSEL-2. MOSEL is available under the GNU Public License (GPL). You might read the installation instructions first.

System requirements:

  • MOSEL-2 should be easily portable to nearly every POSIX system on which an ISO C90 compiler is running.
  • You may compile MOSEL-2 using the Portable GNU C Compiler GCC, available from
  • It has already been tested under the Linux and Solaris operating system
  • For the graphical display of evaluation results using the IGL interpreter, you need to have Tcl/Tk, version 8.1 or later, installed on your computer system. You can get Tcl/Tk from
  • Last but not least, you'll need an evaluation tool. MOSEL-2 cooperates with the Petri net analysis tools SPNP version 6 (available from and TimeNET (available from

Known Problems:

  • MOSEL-2 is NOT compatible with the older versions of SPNP. You must have SPNP 6.x installed on Your system!

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