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FAUmachine - A Configurable Virtual Machine


Here are a few screenshots showing FAUmachine in action (click on the images to enlarge):

Debian 5.0

Debian 5.0 running in FAUmachine

This image shows Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 running in a FAUmachine.

Fault injection

Fault injection in action

Injecting a memory fault into the RAM of a simulated PC. The fault is detected by memtest86+ running in FAUmachine.


Knoppix running in a FAUmachine

A FAUmachine, which is connected to the real network via slirp, running Knoppix 5.3.


Elevator simulator of FAUmachine

An image of the elevator simulator, which is part of FAUmachine and can be connected to virtual PCs using a 48 pin direct-I/O PCI-card.

MS-DOS 6.2 with Windows 3.1

Windows 3.1 running in a FAUmachine

Legacy support: FAUmachine running MS-DOS 6.2 with Windows 3.1.

Some more new screenshots will follow soon...