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The Department of Computer Science 4 (Distributed Systems and Operating Systems) does research on the design of operating and distributed systems. A separate page lists our group's publications.

Research Groups

  • ergoo: Erlangen Research Group on Distributed Objects and Operating Systems
  • FAUmachine: Erlangen Research Group on Distributed Virtual Machines
  • RDSP: Research Group for Resource-Constrained Distributed Stream Processing
  • i4LG: Erlangen Research Reading Group on Distributed Systems and Operating Systems

Research Projects

  • iRTSS: invasive Runtime Support System (SFB/TRR 89 Invasive Computing, Project C1)
  • AORTA: Aspect-Oriented Real-Time Architecture
  • qronOS: Quality-aware Co-Design of Responsive Real-Time Control Systems
  • RTSC: The Real-Time Systems Compiler
  • danceOS: Dependability Aspects in configurable embedded Operating Systems (SPP 1500 Dependable Embedded Systems)
  • dosek: A Dependability-Oriented Static Embedded Kernel (see also danceOS)
  • CADOS: Configurability Aware Development of Operating Systems
  • CiAO: An Aspect-Oriented Operating-System Family
  • REFIT: Resource-Efficient Fault and Intrusion Tolerance
  • EDC: Efficient Distributed Coordination
  • : Energy-aware Execution Environments
  • I4Copter: Platform for evaluation and education of embedded and safety-critical system software
  • CoRed: Combined Redundancy - Software-based Fault Tolerance for Mixed-criticality Systems
  • SEEP: Proactive Methodology for Energy-Aware Programming
  • Sloth: A Minimal-Effort Kernel for Embedded Systems
  • dragon: Improving distributed, reliable and anonymous storage systems for anonymity networks
  • bst-kconfig: Standalone Version of the Linux KConfig Tool
  • LAOS: Latency Aware Operating Systems
  • eLARN: Energy-, Latency- and Resilience-Aware Networking
  • BATS: Dynamic Adaptable Applications for Bats Tracking by Embedded Communicating Systems
  • COKE: Softwarekontrollierte Konsistenz und Kohärenz für vielkernige Prozessorarchitekturen
  • ARES: Adaptive Responsive Embedded Systems (funded by ESI)

Former Research Projects

  • AutoMC: Automotive Multicore
  • KESO: An application-tailored JVM for statically-configured embedded systems
  • VAMOS: Variability Management in Operating Systems
  • ABBs: Atomic Basic Blocks
  • CoSa: Component architecture for Safety-critical embedded systems
  • AOCI: An Aspect Oriented Component Infrastructure
  • AspectC++: An Aspect-oriented Extension to the C++ Programming Language
  • SAMProc: Middleware for Self-adaptive Mobile Processes
  • FOREVER: Fault/intrusiOn REmoVal through Evolution & Recovery
  • FAME-DBMS: A Family of Embedded Database Management Systems
  • AspectIX: A Middleware for Aspect-Oriented Programming
  • JX: A Flexible Operating System Architecture
  • MOSEL: Modeling Specification and Evaluation Language
  • pCtrl: Design Patterns for Parallelize Control Systems
  • PLiC: Decomposition and Composition of Software Product Lines
  • PURE: Portable Universal Runtime Executive - operating system family
  • PUMA for C++: A Parser and Manipulator for C++ Source Code
  • OS-Directed Power Management
  • Parallel Software Update in Automotive Networks
  • TCLOUDS: Trustworthy Clouds - Privacy and Resilience for Internet-scale Critical Infrastructure
  • VM-FIT: Virtual Machine-based Fault and Intrusion Tolerance