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CoRed: Combined Redundancy - Software-based Fault Tolerance for Mixed-criticality Systems


CoRed is a highly effective, software-based fault-tolerance approach for mixed- criticality control applications. CoRed engages right in-between application and operating system and combines proven triple modular redundancy (TMR) with AN codes to minimize soft error effects and improve the actual reliability. CoRed’s modular architecture facilitates the composition of various fault-tolerant components (see Figure). At the same time, it eliminates dangerous single points of failure (SPOFs) caused by gaps between fault-tolerant components. For that, we introduced the CoRed voter: a high-reliability voting schema, based on our Extended AN (EAN) error coding implementation.

CoRed Experimental Stage

Here, you can find the most recent results from our fault-injection experiments: AN code parameter sets, bit error fault injections, ...


SQJ 2014
HASE 2014

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EDCC 2012

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