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Inf 4 Online Documentations

Apache A patchy HTTP server
BEAM Famous update tool beam, version 1.0
GateD A routing daemon for UNIX systems
Tcsh C shell with file name completion
UniverCD Cisco IOS and products information
Mini-SQL A lite database engine, providing a subset of SQL.
Goodies: JDBC driver and W3 interface package!
Mini-SQL FAQ FAQ for Mini-SQL
Webdocs A collection of various documents about HTML, HTTP, CGI and friends
Sun Compiler Documentation for the latest Sun Compilers and Sun Workshop
Java Docs All flavours of Java documentation
C Docs All flavours of C documentation
Windows Windows95 and WindowsNT programming
JX-OS JX (metaXa) Documentation (internal access only)
Netscape Preferences Description of some options in netscape's preferences.js file
Graphic Tools A collection of various documents about installed imageing tools and libraries
Answerbook The Solaris answerbook (from RRZE, everything you want to know about Sun Software)
Screen-3.9 The famous terminal disease, er, multiplexor.
Bibliography Sites A collection of bibliography and technical report sites
Mutt All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less.

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