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Dr. Olaf Spinczyk
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Olaf Spinczyk
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Olaf Spinczyk

From September 2007 Olaf Spinczyk is Professor at Technische Universität Dortmund, Embedded System Software Group



  • Efficient Tailor-Made Operating Systems
  • (Deeply) Embedded Systems
  • Program Families
  • Aspect-Oriented Programming
  • Design Patterns


The list of my publications is available on a separate publication page.

Ongoing Projects

  • FAME-DBMS: A Family of Embedded Database Management Systems
  • CiAO: An aspect-oriented OS product line
  • AspectC++: An aspect-oriented extension to the C++ programming language
  • PUMA for C++: A parser and manipulator for C++ source code
  • PURE (Portable Universal Runtime Executive - operating system family)

My Workshops

My Tutorials

Other Activities


(sorry, most pages in German)

Summer 2007 Operating System Engineering (OSE)
Winter 2006/2007 Operating Systems Lecture, Exercises (pos. 1 in TechFak ranking!)
Summer 2006 Embedded Systems (Seminar) Seminar
Operating System Engineering (OSE)
Winter 2005/2006 Operating Systems Lecture, Exercises (pos. 3 in TechFak ranking!)
Summer 2005 Operating System Engineering (OSE) Lecture + Exercises
Winter 2004/2005 Operating Systems Lecture, Exercises
Summer 2004 Aspect-Oriented System Programming (AspectOS)
Winter 2003/2004 Operating Systems
Summer 2003 Operating System Engineering (OSE)
Aspect-Oriented System Programming (AspectOS)
Winter 2002/2003 Operating Systems


Click here to visit my old homepage at the University of Magdeburg
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