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Gabor Drescher, M.Sc.

Member of the research staff at the
Department of Computer Science 4 (Distributed Systems and Operating Systems) at
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Research Interests

  • ergoo group
  • iRTSS: invasive Runtime Support System (SFB/TRR 89 Invasive Computing, Project C1)
  • CoKe: Coherency Kernel
  • LAOS: Latency Awareness in Operating Systems, research on custom non-blocking operating systems on x86-64 as well as on improving the Linux kernel.

  • Operating systems: x86-64, embedded, real-time, distributed
  • Parallel Computing: SMP, cluster computing, non-blocking algorithms
  • Programming Languages: compilers
  • Computer Graphics: medical image processing, GPGPU, raytracing, real-time graphics

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2012-10-01 Scientific Staff, Department of Computer Science 4 for Distributed Systems and Operating Systems
to 2012-09
Graduation, Master of Science with Honors at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg
to 2010-09
Graduation, Bachelor of Science at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg

Further Experiences

to 2012-09
Research Assistant, Distributed Systems and Operating Systems, FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg
to 2009-01
Research Assistant, Programming Systems, FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg
to 2008-07
Research Assistant, Theoretical Computer Science, FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg