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Finished third-party-funded projects

(alph. sorted according to project acronym):
  • Aspect-oriented real-time processing of inhomogeneous data dtreams, aEID
  • Aspect-oriented run-time environment, ALU
  • Application-oriented run-time support for massively-parallel systems, ARTS (BMBF)
  • A platform for decentralized and autonomous adaptive services, AspectIX
  • Authenticating security platform for internet communication, ASPIK
  • Automotive multi-core, AutoMC
  • Aspect-ariented operating systems, CiAO
  • Application-adaptable seterministic execution platform for parallel/distributed mechatronical programs, DAME
  • Software development method for embedded real-time systems, DESS
  • Distributed, reliable and anonymous storage systems for anonymity networks, DRAGON
  • Evolution management and process for real-time-capable embedded software systems, EMPRESS
  • Mode change of hybrid real-time systems, HyRTS
  • Development tool for mechatronical systems with parallel processing, METRO (BMBF)
  • Design patterns for parallel control systems, pCtrl
  • Process execution and communication environment, PEACE (BMBF/SUPRENUM)
  • Computer-based analysis of biological signals and its technological practice, RASTA
  • Operational support for resource-efficient and intrusion-tolerant systems by use of virtualisation, REFIT
  • Parallel programming environment for clusters of workstations, SNOW
  • Variability management in operating systems, VAMOS
  • Communication supporting system for massively-parallel applications, VOTE (ESPRIT)
  • Workbench for the construction of bespoke operating systems, WABE
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