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SPiCboard library (libspicboard, revision 3032) API documentation

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7seg.h File Reference

Controls the two 7-segment displays on the board. More...

#include <stdint.h>

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int8_t sb_7seg_showNumber (int8_t nmbr)
 prints a number in the range [-9; 99] on the 7-segment display
int8_t sb_7seg_showHexNumber (uint8_t nmbr)
 prints the hexadecimal representation of an 8-bit unsigned integer on the 7-segment display
int8_t sb_7seg_showStr (char *str)
 prints a 2 character string on the 7-segment display
void sb_7seg_disable (void)
 disables the 7-segment displays

Detailed Description

Controls the two 7-segment displays on the board.

$Rev: 2953 $
The two 7-segment displays of the SPiCboard share one common port of the MCU. The two displays can be connected and disconnected from the port using two transistors. By quickly and periodically connecting and disconnecting the displays an observer will not be able to notice when a display is disabled and both displays can be used apparently simultaneously.
As the timer-library is used, interrupts must be enabled for the display to work
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