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Exercise Content

Goal of the exercises is to deepen the understanding of the concepts presented in the lecture and to apply them in the real world. Therefore, the literature is discussed in more detail and parts of the content of the lecture are implemented and evaluated from the students as part of the assignments.

By implementing energy-aware software, energy models, and conducting energy measurements by oneself, the understanding and problems of energy-related topics should be conveyed. Particularly, the cross-cutting nature of energy, including the consideration of both software and hardware, is an important insight.

Included topics are:

  • Energy and power measurements
    • Energy attribution
    • Measurement precision and accuracy
  • Energy models
  • Energy-related optimisations
    • Energy efficiency metrics
    • Race-to-sleep and Crawl-to-sleep


Blackboard Exercises

Blackboard exercises will deepen and complement the contents of the lecture. More specifically, the research papers presented in the lecture will be discussed in more detail and important knowledge for upcoming assignments is given.

Usually, the contents of the blackboard exercises do not require the full time slot. In such cases, the rest of the time slot is used as a computer exercise.

Computer Exercises

Part of the course is the submission of three assignments. Assignments are submitted in groups of two students, which are formed at the beginning of the course. For each group a Gitlab repository and for each student a project dir (/proj/i4easy/<login>) is provided. After the assignment deadline, the submissions are retrieved from the repositories and each group presents its submission to a tutor.

The computer exercises can be used to ask questions and get help for the current assignment. Furthermore, the presentation of the submissions is done in the computer exercises.


Questions can be always asked and discussed in the blackboard and computer exercises.
Another possibility is the mailing list, which contains all students.
For questions only concerning the tutors the mailing list can be used.


Topic Date Deadline Assignment Slides
0 Organisation 2019-05-03 pdf
1 Energy Measurement 2019-05-03 2019-05-24 pdf pdf
2 Energy Model 2018-11-19 2019-01-07 pdf pdf
3 Energy Optimisation 2019-06-28 2019-07-19 pdf pdf


Energy-Aware Computing Systems (Exercises) (EASY-Ex)

Benedict Herzog, M. Sc., Stefan Reif, M. Sc.


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Studienfächer / Studienrichtungen

Fr  10:00 - 14:00  01.153-113
Kurs Rechnerübung
Timo Hönig
Benedict Herzog
Stefan Reif