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SAMProc - Middleware for Self-adaptive Mobile Processes

Project participants:Holger Schmidt, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rüdiger Kapitza, Hauck, Franz J.
Participating institutions:
Institut für Verteilte Systeme (Universität Ulm)
Keywords:mobile objects; adaptive middleware
Topics and Goals:Software in Ubiquitous Computing is faced with a dynamic and heterogeneous environment. For tapping the environment's full potential, software must be able to adapt dynamically and react to the environment in a platform- and language-independent manner. However, developing mobile and adaptive applications is a complex and error-prone task.

In this work, SAMProc, a new middleware should be designed that supports developers in creating ubiquitous applications. Therefore, we introduce the novel concept of self-adaptive mobile processes, which allows an abstract high-level specification of an application's lifecycle and its distribution aspects. In the SAMProc system, an application should dynamically migrate with an adaptation of its interface, state and implementation at runtime, while transparently and permanently remaining addressable. The SAMProc middleware should use an MDA-like approach, in which the developer creates a self-adaptive mobile process description. Then, a middleware tool should automatically map these descriptions to a mobile infrastructure, i.e., either self-adaptive migratable CORBA objects or Web services. The developer should be able to focus on application logic; the tool generates migration and adaptation code.

The feasibility of the approach should be demonstrated by example applications, for instance, by an application in which mobile reporters publish data in a basic workflow. Further applications should complete the work.

Contact:Kapitza, Rüdiger
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