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Locally installed w3 tools

[ checkbot| ggh| latex2html| man2html| momspider| texi2html| txt2html| tkmapedit| webcopy| weblint| wget| vrweb ]

Tools for verifying web links and pages

Dot Checkbot (by Hans de Graaff, /local/w3tools/bin/checkbot)
A tool to verify links on a set of html pages. It can check a set of documents on a single server, or on a set of servers.
This is my favourite one, because it is fast, easy to handle and lists only those links which are not ok. The current local version is 1.37 and it is written in perl-5 (perl-5.002 or better and LWP 5.02). The last version I have seen is 1.39, but has no advantage over version 1.37.
If you like you can read the HTML version of the manual page right away.

Dot Checkbot-1.47 (by Hans de Graaff, /local/w3tools/bin/checkbot-1.47)
The newest version of checkbot, with new features. Evaluate...

Dot MOMspider (by Roy Fielding, /local/w3tools/bin/momspider)
A web robot that specializes in the maintenance of distributed hypertext infostructures (written in perl-4, requires libwww-perl).

Dot Weblint (by Neil Bowers, /local/w3tools/bin/weblint)
Weblint is a tool for verifying HTML documents. See the manual page for details and have a look at the global resource file. The program is written in perl (version 5.002 or better) and the current version is 1.017.

Tools for copying web pages

Dot Webcopy (by Víctor Parada, /local/w3tools/bin/webcopy)
A tool that retrieves the URL specified in a unix-like command line. It can also retrieve recursively any file that an HTML file references, i.e. inlined images and/or anchors. It can be used as a "mirror" program to retrieve a tree of documents from a remote site, and put them on-line immediately through the local server (written in perl-4).

Dot wget (by Hrvoje Niksic, /local/w3tools/bin/wget)
A tool to retrieve documents across the web either using HTTP or FTP Protocol. Wset is non-interactive, able to use proxies, uses a full-featured recursion mechanism, and understands the robots.txt. The FTP-part is able to do regets of of documents (like ncftp) as long as the server supports this feature. Beside the original site a mirror in Danmark exists. You may also take a look at the manual page or at the manual in the postscript version.

Tools for converting documents to HTML

Dot latex2html (/local/w3tools/bin/latex2html)
Tool for converting tex documents to a bunch of html files. For an example look at the documentation of the MPEG Library, which was created out of a mpeg_lib.tex source file (or the documentation of latex2html itself ;-)). The current version is 97.1. You may also browse the original documantation site.

Dot texi2html (/local/w3tools/bin/texi2html)
Texi2html converts the given Texinfo file to a set of HTML files. It tries to handle most of the Texinfo commands. It creates hypertext links for cross-references, footnotes and so on. It also tries to add links from a reference to its corresponding entry in the bibliography (if any). It may also handle a glossary (see the -glossary option).

Dot man2html (by Earl Hood, /local/w3tools/bin/man2html)
Small program taking a formatted man page as input (stdin) and writing a formatted html document to the output (stdout). A cgi script is also available (written in perl-4). I use a modified version of man2html and the cgi script for the MEMSY programers guide.

Dot txt2html (/local/w3tools/bin/txt2html)
Tool to convert plain text files to html pages. Does a fairly good job. Read the change history or the source. At the beginning there are a lot of explanations...

Other tools

Note, that the image manipulation tools once found here are now located at /local/graphics/....

Dot ggh (by Tom Christiansen, /local/w3tools/bin/ggh)
Grovel Global History is a program to scan the contents of Netscape's (Version 2.0 and higher) history.db file. One can simply list the contents or search for special pattern and URLs.

Dot TkMapedit (by Taguchi Takeshi, /local/w3tools/bin/tkmped2)
TkMapedit is imagemap file editor. Supported map types are CERN httpd, NCSA httpd, Netscape NetSite, and Client Side Map. The program is written in Tcl/Tk and requires tcl-7.4 and tk-4.0 or better.

Dot VRweb (by Michael Pichler, /local/w3tools/bin/vrweb)
VRweb is a VRML (Virtual Reality Markup Language) browser. It is designed to run as a helper application for normal HTML browsers.

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