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MeasureAlot Energy Measurement Device


Current energy measurement methods typically struggle with the huge dynamic demand of current in today's computing systems. Currents can span by orders of magnitude between deep sleep and run mode.
If the measurement range of these devices is, for example, set up to observe a specific run mode (i.e., operating level at a given performance level), the current draw of another run mode (i.e., sleep mode) is typically missed.
Additionally, features which facilitate automatic measurements, such as trigger capability, are often not implemented.

MeasureAlot aims to alleviate these problems by providing accurate measurements with a wide dynamic range, while at the same time offering an interface which allows for easy autonomous measurements.


MeasureAlot board

MeasureAlot operates using a current-to-frequency conversion, offering a usable measurement range over several decades.
The energy-measurement resolution is 0.1 μJ and the device offers a dedicated trigger signal to support measurements of very short periods (down to approximately 6 ns).
The energy-measurement results are streamed to a host computer over USB and retrieved using an open-source library. MeasureAlot board



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