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Daniel Danner

Member of the research staff at the
Department of Computer Science 4 (Distributed Systems and Operating Systems) at
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.


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Nürnberger, Stefan ; Rotta, Randolf ; Drescher, Gabor ; Danner, Daniel ; Nolte, Jörg:
Diamond Rings: Acknowledged Event Propagation in Many-Core Processors.
In: S. Lankes ; C. Clauss (Ed.) : Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for the Many-core Era
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Müller, Rainer ; Danner, Daniel ; Schröder-Preikschat, Wolfgang ; Lohmann, Daniel:
Multi Sloth: An Efficient Multi-Core RTOS using Hardware-Based Scheduling.
In: IEEE Computer Society (Org.):
Proceedings of the 26th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS '14)
(Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems, Madrid, Spain, July 2014).
2014, pp 189-198. - ISBN 978-1-4799-5798-9
Keywords: Sloth, Operating Systems, Embedded Systems, Real-Time Systems, Multi-Core, MPCP, AUTOSAR, Infineon TriCore, Infineon AURIX
[doi>10.1109/ECRTS.2014.30] (BibTeX)

Danner, Daniel ; Müller, Rainer ; Schröder-Preikschat, Wolfgang ; Hofer, Wanja ; Lohmann, Daniel:
Safer Sloth: Efficient, Hardware-Tailored Memory Protection.
In: West, Richard (Ed.) : Proceedings of the 20th Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS '14)
(IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium, Berlin, Germany, April 2014).
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Keywords: Sloth, Operating Systems, Embedded Systems, Real-Time Systems, Interrupt Handling, Safety, Memory Protection, MPU, OSEK, AUTOSAR, Infineon TriCore (BibTeX)

Hofer, Wanja ; Danner, Daniel ; Müller, Rainer ; Scheler, Fabian ; Schröder-Preikschat, Wolfgang ; Lohmann, Daniel:
Sloth on Time: Efficient Hardware-Based Scheduling for Time-Triggered RTOS.
In: Lu, Chenyang ; Almeida, Luis (Ed.) : Proceedings of the 33rd IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS 2012)
(33rd IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS 2012), San Juan, Puerto Rico, December 2012).
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Keywords: Sloth; Operating Systems; Embedded Systems; Real-Time Systems; Interrupt Handling; Timers; Time-Triggered Scheduling; OSEK; AUTOSAR; Infineon TriCore
[doi>10.1109/RTSS.2012.75] (BibTeX)


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Own Diploma Thesis

Efficient Time-Triggered Execution in an Interrupt-Driven Real-Time Operating System (SLOTH_TT)
Student: Danner Daniel (handed in on 2.7.2012, Thesis file...)
Supervisors: Dr.-Ing. Wanja Hofer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Daniel Lohmann, Dr.-Ing. Fabian Scheler, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat