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EDC: Efficient Distributed Coordination

Coordination services such as ZooKeeper are essential building blocks of today's data-center infrastructures as they provide processes of distributed applications with means to exchange messages, to perform leader election, to detect machine or process crashes, or to reliably store configuration data. Providing an anchor of trust for their client applications, coordination services have to meet strong requirements regarding stability and performance. Only this way, it is possible to ensure that a coordination service neither is a single point of failure nor becomes the bottleneck of the entire system.

To address drawbacks of state-of-the-art systems, the EDC project develops approaches that enable coordination services to meet the stability and performance demands. Amongst other things, this includes making these services resilient against both benign and malicious faults, integrating mechanisms for extending the service functionality at runtime in order to minimize communication and synchronization overhead, as well as designing system architectures for effectively and efficiently exploiting the potential of multi-core servers. Although focusing on coordination services, the developed concepts and techniques are expected to also be applicable to other domains, for example, replicated data stores.


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